The Creative Team

Check out the faces behind Hard Wyred!

Erik Bitmanis


An aspiring secret agent, Erik has taken to building false realities inside his head of how awesome it would be if he were a secret agent. Or a super hero. Or a good cook (he’s working on it). From those wacky day dreams, spawned characters and storylines, and from those (among other things), arrived Hard Wyred. Now looking forward to literally bringing those dreams into reality, he cannot be more excited to have you here reading this right now. Seriously, we worry about him sometimes.

Ross Zucco


Ross Zucco is an unknown and skilled artist. A bitter and delusional young man, his future imperiled, following the path of a comic book penciler and inker. There isn’t much he likes, but if you’re at all good at street fighter and can make Exorcist/ Apocalypse Now references mid-joke, then you’re ahead. He is the creator of the entirely mean, vicious and excessive graphic novel, ‘Comedian’. With the aforementioned being crudely realized, Ross will create a reboot and sequel to Comedian, crafted in the manner always envisioned.


My non-existent twitter: @zucco_art

Morgan Dunbar

Graphic Design

A graduate of Algonquin College, Morgan Dunbar has worked with Select Start Studios, Iversoft Solutions and as a freelance graphic designer. She specializes in branding, event posters, and mobile app design. She has developed a wide variety of design ninja skills to meet her customers needs. Morgan in her spare time works the comic convention circuit. She is a competitive cosplayers and sells the apparel line Geek Charming, which specializes in pop culture fandom t-shirts and clothing.