From Script to Inks

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Last post we looked at how we made our cover. This post will be looking at how Josh and I went from my script all the way to his inks.

Without further ado here is the script. This page involves Sam getting his gear from a futuristic vending machine while arguing with a disembodied voice. I’ve taken out the dialogue/sfx for this page (need to keep something up my sleeve to keep you all coming back), so we can focus on how the art comes to form.

Preview Page 1

(6 Panels) We are now back in the present, and situated in some sort of wide open technology landscape.

Panel 1: A close up on Sam’s finger as it touches a touch screen button. *TAP*. It mirrors the panel from the previous page.

Panel 2: Over Sam’s shoulder we see what looks to be a very futuristic vending machine, that has numerous weapons being displayed on a video screen situated on it’s front. Below the video screen is a sort of receptacle that things would come out of the vending machine. Except this receptacle currently has a little laser show going on. The outline of a pistol is glowing in green data streams and it appears to float in this receptacle. Two lasers have already worked their way half-way up the handle of the pistol, with everything below the lasers now fully formed into the jet black handle of the pistol. Kind of like how a 3-D printer would work. The lasers make sounds.

Panel 3: Sam’s hand now reaches into the receptacle. The lasers are gone, and the pistol sits there fully formed.

Panel 4: We have now zoomed out from the pistol, and we see that Sam stands in front of this vending machine in a very Tron like grid area. The area is completely devoid of anything besides Sam and the vending machine. Sam is putting the pistol into the inside of his black long coat. He looks like he did before. Very well muscled, in excellent shape, 9/10 bangability (if you’re into that).

Panel 5:  A close up on Sam’s face. His two fingers pinching the bridge of his nose. He’s annoyed.

Panel 6: Sam is looking up at the sky, there’s nothing there, but I guess if you are talking to a disembodied voice you look up. He is clearly pissed.

So that is what was written for the first preview page, minus all the fun dialogue (not to worry, you’ll see it in due time). And below we can see how Josh transformed simple words into the pretty pages that they are.

hard wyred page 15 rough

These are just the rough pencils where Josh is getting a feel for the page. As you can see he covers everything that I wrote up in the script. However, Josh goes above and beyond what was asked. He adds his own touches as you can see on panel 3, with Sam’s hand reaching into the vending machine with a laser field bending around Sam’s hand. I didn’t write this into the script, but once seeing it I thought that was just an awesome way to display what this futuristic vending machine might look like. It had to be kept.

Now we move onto a more refined pencil illustration of the page.


hard wyred page 15 rough_pencils


And just like that, the detail level skyrocketed. We can really see the detail of the gun and Sam pop out on the refined drawing. The colours that are present were just to help Josh distinguish between the different parts he was drawing, and are not indicative of what the final colour will be. From here Josh does a little more tweaking, and brings out the inks!


hard wyred page15


All those finer details now snap into place. We now have a very clear view of what Sam looks like in his online form.

There will be more posts to follow this one as the page goes through the colouring and lettering process on its way to becoming a finished page.

If you’d like to see Hard Wyred come to life, than please keep an eye out for our Kickstarter campaign which will be beginning in early May.

And if you would like to see some more of Josh’s sequential art, check his DeviantArt here.

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